Lead Extrusions – Extruded Lead Parts


Lead Extrusions – Extruded Lead Parts

At Pure Lead Products, we specialize in fabricating lead extrusions to meet your specific length, width, and shape requirements. The extrusions are created using hydraulic pressure to force lead through a die, resulting in a final product that precisely matches your desired shape. Our lead extrusion capabilities range from 1/8 inch to 4 inches in diameter.

This allows to make everything custom extruded lead wire to heavy lead bars shaped to your exact specifications.

Here is a example of extruded products.
The custom lead weights here were fabricated from 1-1/2 inch extruded bar with a drilled center hole of 1/2 inch. Then the weights were cut to size & weight specifications.
This a great example of the versatility of our in-house capabilities

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