Complete Selection of Lead Shielding for Radiation Protection

Intech supplies radiation shielding solutions to the construction, medical, laboratory, manufacturing and nuclear industries. Our online sales portal allows a simple way to order lead shielding online, or to price lead materials without waiting for quotations. For large volume orders or custom lead shielding products, you can reach us by phone, email or our online contact form.

  • Raw Materials: Lead Brick, Plate and Sheet
  • Construction Materials: Lead lined Plywood and Lead lined Drywall (or Gypsum Board)
  • Radiation Protective Doors and Windows
  • Ready-to-use Products: Lead Barriers, Lead Lined Curtains and Flexible Lead Sheet
  • We can provide the Radiation Protection Materials for your next project.

    Radiation shielding is often one of the most critical decisions you will make to insure safety of personnel within your facility. In most cases, lead shielding lies unseen within walls or hidden within equipment or a curtain to protect against exposure. We will provide technical advice to allow selection of the shielding products to meet functionality and compliance requirements. If you require a custom solution, or manufacturer of a shielded enclosure, we have the resources to assist with almost any project. Contact us to discuss your needs!

    About Intech Lead Shielding

    The Intech Radiation Protection business was established in 2004.  Our facilities are located in Houston, Texas.  In addition to distributing Lead Shielding for construction, we offer Lead-free Shielding as well as X-ray Curtains for medical facility protection and xray inspection systems.

    Our online stores provides a convenient method for our customers throughout the world to find and purchase the exact quantities they need for quick delivery. We are always happy to provide quotations for large orders.  We also offer custom design services.