Shielding Materials for Radiation Room

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Complete Set of Shielding Materials for Medical Office Radiography Room

If you are building out a new room for radiography, we can supply the complete set of materials for your project.  A typical scope of supply would include:

  • Lead-lined Gypsum Board (5/8").  20 Sheets (4x8, 4x9 or 4x10) lined to 7 ft height with 1/16" Lead.  Sufficient for 16 ft x 24 ft room.
  • Lead-lined Door & Frame, 36" Width x 80" Height.  Paint Grade, Stain Ready or Laminate.  Includes Continuous Hinge and Lead-lined Lever Handleset.
  • Leaded Glass Window with two-piece frame. Standard size of 24" H x 36" width.  Other sizes available.
  • Lead Sheet (1/16") for stud & corner batten strips, discs if required, and additional 16 ft2 of lead sheet for wrapping outlets, etc.

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