Bridge Counterweights


Custom Designed Lead Bridge Counterweights: 

Bridge counterweights are commonly installed on drawbridges or bascule bridges to help balance the load of the bridge, and allow the motors to more efficiently open the bridge.  

Our lead bridge counterweights are custom designed for each customer. We will work closely with your engineering team to engineer a product that meets your exact project specifications, and keep your bridge operating smoothly.

All of our bridge counterweights are cast out of lead. Due to its high density, lead is the chosen material for most bridge counterweight applications. 

Our lead bridge counterweight capabilities include: 

  • Supply bridge weights for new and retrofit projects
  • Capability of casting any shape, or dimension
  • Cast produce bridge weights up to several tons
  • Bridge weights can have hooks inserted for attachment to cranes for handling
  • In some cases counterbalancing can be done using standard type lead bricks
  • All our cast lead can be coated using paints or powder coating for safe handling
  • Ability to provide multiple weights if necessary to maintain proper balance of load

Considerations for Lead Bridge Counterweights: 

Below is a list of things to consider when looking at lead bridge counterweights. We can review these details in more depth with you to determine what works the best for your application.

  • What are the dimensions?
  • What weight is necessity to counterbalance the span?
  • How will you handle the large weight ?
  • Would you prefer coated lead weight? 

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