Marine Ballast


Lead Marine Ballast for boats, ships, barges and more.

Intech is an established provider of ballast solutions for the marine industry. The correct positioning of a ship in water requires the use of ballast, which can be found in the keel or lower parts of the hull to maintain the stability. This additional weight creates a righting moment, ensuring the boat remains upright in the water.

Barge Ballast

For larger vessels such as barges, we have supplied tens of thousands of pounds of lead ballast.

Custom fabrication and coating are also available for marine ballast to ensure proper fit and safe handling, in addition to the available options.

Large Vessel Ballast

Ocean-going ships require substantial amounts of ballast, which must be precisely made, safe to handle and fit into multiple compartments. The ballast must be able to be molded securely, without disrupting the ship's balance or causing damage. We have the capability and expertise to supply these large vessels with exactly what they need.

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