Marine Ballast


Lead Marine Ballast: 

Marine ballasts are placed in the keel or lowers parts of the hull of a boat to help maintain the boat's stability. The additional weight from the ballast ensures that the boat remains upright in the water, and allows for safe handling of cargo. 

We are a leading manufacturer of lead marine ballasts. Our lead ballasts can be custom manufactured to fit the application to help ensure proper fit. This can include special coatings. Our lead marine ballast offering includes: 

  • Lead Barge Ballast
  • Large Vessel Ballast - Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, Cargo Ships, and more

The ballast requirement for ocean-going vessels is much larger than the requirement for barges. Our large vessel ballasts for ocean-going vessels are precisely made and molded securely without interfering with the ship's balance or causing damage. They are safe to handle and are able to fit into multiple compartments on the vessel. 

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