Tracks for Ceiling Mount of X-Ray Curtains


Installation Kits for mounting Radiation Shielding Curtains

We offer complete kits for design of radiation protection rooms.  Our Curtain Tracks are 16 gauge high strength steel, suitable for supporting the heaviest curtains. 

These curtain tracks and installation kits are a simple solution to provide radiation shielding in areas where a permanent wall is not practical or economical. They allow for installation of our lead-lined curtains in industrial and medial settings with secondary or low-level radiation, such as including X-ray imaging, CT scans, angiograms, radionuclide imaging, and fluoroscopy.


We will provide complete hardware kits for easy installation in any facility.  You can mount direct to the ceiling or suspend from threaded rod or chains. 

Estimate the dimensions on the area to be enclosed by the curtains and buy exactly the length you require.    If you need a custom design, please contact us by email, phone +1 (832) 764-7870or use our contact form.


U Shaped Enclosure

Side 1 = 8 ft.      Side 2 = 12 ft.        Side 3 = 8 ft.

Total Perimeter = 8 + 12 + 8 =  28 ft.

Upon order we will contact you to confirm track layout and mounting requirements.  

Included in your kit will be:

  • Straight & curved track sections
  • Track Connector Brackets
  • Track Mounting Brackets
  • End Stops
  • Curtain Hangars (dual wheel)


Tracks are normally shipped at the same time as curtains.  We can usually ship tracks within 48 hours if needed for advance installation.

Do not forget to order you curtains as well.  

Medical and Industrial Radiation Curtains

Do you need CAD design support for 2D layouts or 3D Modeling in your room?  Contact us to help.