Lead Weights & Counterweights


Custom Lead Counterweights and Weights

At Pure Lead Products, we specialize in creating custom lead weights and counterweights for any purpose. Our expertise in casting, extrusion, and machining gives us the versatility to fabricate your weights to meet your needs. We can produce weights and counterweights ranging from ounces to thousands of pounds, tailored specifically to your application requirements.

Some Applications for our custom weights and counterweights

  • Custom Industrial Weights
  • Marine Ballast
  • Forklift Counterweights
  • Bridge Counterweights
  • Elevator Counterweights
  • Pile Driver Hammers – Lead Filled
  • Crane Counterweights
  • Test Weights
  • Aerospace Weights/counterweights
  • Custom Window Weights
  • Overhead Door Weights
  • Entry Gate Weights
  • Deep Drop Fishing Weights
  • Palletizer Counterweights
  • Any Custom Weight Application

We also have standard lead products suitable for many applications . Brick – Ingots – Pig Lead – Shot

We also offer additional applications such as small custom weights, industrial weights, forklift counterweights, marine ballast, large bridge projects, and military purposes. Some projects may require the use of standard "Pig Lead," while others may require precision casting to meet specific specifications.

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