Lead Vinyl Xray Radiation Shielding


Radiation Shielding Material with Vinyl Coating

This is an essential tool for imaging professionals who require extra radiation protection and can be utilized in any location. The product seamlessly integrates premium radiation shielding with a supple and non-porous vinyl surface, which can be effortlessly cleaned using a non-abrasive surface cleaner commonly found in households.

Lead vinyl is a popular option for shielding against low energy radiation as the lead is enclosed, reducing the risk of lead exposure. It is commonly used in personal radiation protection equipment such as lead aprons, thyroid shields, and gonad shields. Additionally, lead vinyl can be used as a layer in constructing radiation shielded imaging rooms by applying it to drywall or plywood.

It comes in three different levels of lead equivalence for protection (.25mm, .50mm, and 1.0mm) as well as various size options. If you require sizes larger than 48" by 48", kindly provide the necessary dimensions in the comment section of your quote request.

Our Lead Vinyl is a popular choice for radiation shielding and security scanner curtains across the globe. It serves as a substitute for Bar-ray's "Lead-X" Lead vinyl product. If you have previously used Bar-ray's lead vinyl, we encourage you to consider comparing it with our product.

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