Lead Castings


Pure Lead can produce any size lead casting from massive bridge weights to small intricate parts and we have.

For the past seven decades, we have established ourselves as a premier provider of custom lead cast products to a wide range of industries, including marine, construction, industrial, military, racing, bridge building, and more. Our offerings include a variety of lead casting options, as well as weights and ballast solutions.

Custom Cast Lead Products

Our cast products portfolio encompasses a range of items including Lead Bricks, Lead Ingots, Bridge Counterweights, Anodes, Custom Weights, and Custom Radiation Shielding. All our products can be tailored to meet specific specifications and can be cast in sizes ranging from ounces to thousands of pounds. We also offer custom machining services for lead products, where applicable.
Additionally, we provide special coating options that make handling lead castings more convenient.

In the contemporary world, there is a need for innovative solutions to complex weight-related problems. Our ballast lead can provide answers to these weight and counterweight challenges. Our proficiency in casting lead products with precision enables us to cater to specifications for size, shape, and weight. Beyond casting, we also offer custom machining services to create weights for specific applications.

Short Run or production run cast lead parts.

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